Nachum Segal @ Camp HASC

The Nachum Segal Network hit the road again this week as Nachum Segal, G.M. Miriam Wallach, and Engineer extraordinaire Z.K. brought JM in the AM to the one-and-only Camp HASC! They had a whole roster of special guests on the air to once again demonstrate what a unique and enjoyable experience the HASC Summer Program is. Interviewees included Rabbi Judah Mischel, Rabbi Avi Pollack with Dr Raizel Yaish, HASC Medical Directors, Miriam Gordon & Alyssa Sacks, Rabbi Alan Houben with Mrs Reba Ostrich & Zahava Cohen, Jeremy Strauss, TEAM MIH- David, Michael and Michael, Shmiel Kahn, and Rabbi Dr Benjy Epstein with Zach Nussbaum & Leora Zomick [including musical performance]. There was also a musical performance by HASC staff members Jordan, David & David. As always, it was a fun and informative morning for all!


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