Simchaton Parent Feedback 2013

Dear Faige and all staff who played/danced/ served/ took care of Shmuel, thanks for giving shmuel such a memorable Chag. Your devotion and hard work( he can be challenging at times!) Are very much appreciated. You left your family and friends to spend a chag with our dear son Shmuel and we wish you a very suCcessful year. May we share in many more Simchos and smiles!! Love, the Behfar Family


My wife, Kerri, and I truly appreciate the efforts of the counselors, some on whom were not counselors this past summer, made on behalf of the children of HASC. I can only imagine the scene for Kol HaNareim when all of those incredible Neshamos were under the chuppah of taleisim. It brings tears to our eyes just thinking about our son Yosh being able to participate in such an awesome moment. I can not imagine there was a dry adult eye in the shul. The work of the counselors coupled with the magnificent, patient, administration and kitchen staff and medical personnel and ruach people, is beyond the scope of anything outside of Camp HASC.

We really appreciate all that Avi did for Zvi. He had a great time and was very happy when he came back. Much appreciation to all that allowed Zvi to participate this year and hope to join again next year IY’H. Thank you, the Schachters.


Dear Eli,

Thank you so much for taking Michael to the simchaton. It was so great for us, knowing that he was safe, having a wonderful time, in your care. Last night, Michael came back home very relaxed and happy, so we knew he really enjoyed himself! We appreciate everything tremendously, and look forward to seeing you next summer!

All the best,

Marcy and Marty Nirschel, (Michael’s parents)


Thank you to all the counselor so who made Zman Simchasainu a time of true Simcha for the less fortunate amongst klal yisroel. May you always have continuous Simcha in your lives.

Thank you for all the devotion and hard work you do all the time. Legal guardian for George Neuwirth who thanks you as well.

Gitti Weinstock

Chaim (Elyakin) still has not stopped talking about yom tov – thx again


To Benjy and all simchathon staff;

thank you so much for your devotion to our Sruli this yom tov and always, he had the greatest yom tov possible, by being up in camp with all of you. knowing that Sruli is in the very best place adds so much to our simchas yom tov, you should all be gebenched……

The Mandelbaums


Well, to begin with I am not a poet nor a writer but I have to say after these few days which we had time to relax and rest up, (you have no idea how much this meant to us) all we could think of was how amazing these counselors are, my daughter was not feeling well and a day after she got home a few of the girls called to ask how she was doing, these are young girls who have nothing to think about only of their little camper, how amazing!! Keep up your Avodas Hakodesh!! Love you guys!! Sheina Reizy misses you tons!

Moishe and Malkie Fruchter and family


Where does a parent find the words to describe how she feels towards someone who will bask her child in unlimited love and attention for 3 days straight and then return her home safely, to replay the memory forever and ever ? Whoever is hand picking these gems, sure knows what they’re doing!!!



Dear Counselors,

I do not have enough words to convey my gratitude for giving my brother (Itzy Szimonowitz) a wonderful time at the Simchaton. He so looks forward to the Simchaton. It is one of the hi lights of the year for him. I wish you all continued success in everything you do. May only good things come to you all. G-D should bless you, and pay you (only he can) for all for the holy work you do.


Esther Fischer



I’d like to thank ben Laufer for inviting Philip to be part of this very special weekend. I know he was well taken care of by the huge smile on Philips face when he came back home!

Great time with great people!

Can’t say thank you enough!

-Mrs. Deutsch


Dear counselors-

On behalf of Elana Saxe and her family, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Marissa Chadrow, a counselor who took Elana to this year’s Hasc Simchaton, and all of the amazing and wonderful Hasc staff members who created the most wonderful experience for Elana. As parents we get so much joy knowing that when Elana is at HASC she is emerse in the special gift of love and kindness that is deeply rooted in Hasc’s traditions.

Thank you for everything !

Phyllis and David Saxe.


Good morning and shana tova to the most incredible people on earth.

By far, the counselors who are devoted to our special children are the holiest people around!!

Our Zalmy absolutely loves and cherishes every minute at camp hasc and talks about his counselors and friends all year…in fact, we have camp Hasc videos playing all day!!

I don’t know how zalmy would be without the love and care he receives at camp.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you….you make our lives so much more pleasant!!

A gut gebentched yur and we wish you all only a year of Nachas, gezunt and all the Brochos that Hashem can shower on you,,,,in abundance.

the Plotkin family,



A happy Mikki Phillips bounced into our home and didn’t even realize it was the middle of the night and she went on and on about all the things she did over yom tov I could barely keep up. When she has a smile and a sparkle and when she is so excited to share my heart swells with gratitude and I know I can never repay the live and kindness she receives from Hasc we will always be greatful

Thank you is not enough


Hello to all,

I just wanted to thank you for a great Simchas Torah you gave to our daughter Batsheva. She came home so happy and can’t stop talking about what a fantastic time she had. Special thanks to Devorah for being such a super counselor!!

Akiva and Chani Neuhaus


How can we thank you enough for organizing HASC Simchaton? For Yisroel Noach it is amazing! A real simchas yom tov! So we’d like send a HUGE thank you to his counselor, Mark Lerner, and to all who worked to make it happen. Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

With deep appreciation,

Yehoshua and Chaya Canter


Dear Yisroel,

Thank you so much for taking Robbie to Simchaton. Words cannot describe our gratitude for making Robbie’s Holiday so special and for taking the time away from your family on the Holidays to give Robbie a great time.

You are truly a special person!

Thanks again, to you and your family.

Best Regards,

The Sutton Family


Dear Counselors-

You are all awesome! Sruly once again had a marvelous time atSimchaton! We could never have provided the fun and excitement that is HASC Simchaton. With all of the three day yomim tovim and the boredom that sets in with too much unstructured time on his hands, this was especially welcome for both Sruly and his family.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Stay well, have a healthy and productive winter, and with any luck, summer will come quickly!

Rabbi and Mrs. Aryeh Sokoloff and Family


We have no words to thank you! may Hashem extend His kindness to you as you do to His people! – Judith Gibber


Hi, the truth is that it is hard to write a few words only. The respite we get and the smile we saw on Chyie’s face when she came home, deserves at least a few pages.The counselors are absolutely selfless, especially to leave their own families for yom tov.

Thanks a Million kol h’kovod

Tha Gancz Family


This is a message for Marcella and everyone involved in making the simchaton a success:

Because you took the time to care for my child,

Because you smiled through the phone,

Because you made me feel comfortable as Yehudis’ mom,

Because you listened to every detail,

Because you made me feel that you were excited,

Because you followed up with making sure all went well,

Thank you for all the moments that you were there with and for our Yehudis!

Because you were you and no one else could have done what you did….


The Lavrinoff family


Shmuly had the most amazing time. If it were not for his counselor, Yoni Steinfeld’s enthusiasm, we probably would never have considered sending him. After a long but fabulous summer we were shocked to get a phone call asking, would you please let Shmuly come for Yom Tov. Rather than seeking respite for themselves, these outstanding individuals were ready to once again give these special souls a fantastic Simchas Torah. We are envious of the total selflessness, generosity and passion exhibited by Yoni and the others. Shmuly came home elated. We thank the staff and administration of HASC and the HASC Simchaton for their leadership and dedication in making this special Yom Tov a reality.

-The Gitelis Family

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