Accomplishing the Unexpected

Dear Mr. Kahn and the Rest of the Most Dedicated Camp Hasc Staff Members,

We are writing today, to express our most heartfelt gratitude to all of you for completely turning our daughter Bassie’s, and our entire family’s life around for a much calmer, happier and content life!

Until this past summer, we felt that could never happen…

We sent our daughter to camp for the first time, and the amount of tension we felt as we sent her off was enourmous, since Bassie has become physically and behaviourally extremely difficult. We thought that no one could possible make our child happy or manageable ever again!!

However, though we doubted if camp would at all wok for her, we were very surprised and astounded at what all of you were able to accomplish on our precious daughter and how much happiness you were actually able to bring into her life!

In these eight short weeks of camp, Bassie has grown and progressed in a lot of areas of development more than she has in a couple of years worth of intense therapy…Bassie came home a different child!

We don’t have the words to adequately express our deep feelings of appreciation to all of you who make this wonderful miracle called ‘Camp HASC’ happen!

We would, however, like to take this opportunity to bentch all of you that Hashem should grant you loads of bracha, hatzlacha and good health, and the unimaginable strength and wisdom it takes to continue to keep this miracle alive!!

With Love and appreciation,

Yisroel and Chany Silberstein, and the entire family!

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