Thank You Camp HASC

Dear wonderful, amazing head-staff at Camp HASC,

I am writing to express my unending Hakaras Hatov for the most amazing summer that Zalman had! He came home so full of joy and well adjusted etc that although he is non verbal he is telling us through his body and soul language that he had an amazing summer!!!

His counselors were superb in every aspect and when I wrote them a thank you letter they in turn thanked Me for Zalman!!!!

I wish you added to the HASC website a forum where we parents can publicly acknowledge and thank these wonderful people who care so lovingly for our children for 7 long weeks!!!

May you all be blessed with  a Ksiva Vachasima Tova and much success in all of your endeavours.May you be blessed with a year of health, and overflowing success in everything you undertake.


Chanie Diskin


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