I think I’m special. Am I? – A Note from a Parent

I think I’m special. Am I?

What is special? And who really is special?

Why would you sacrifice your long-awaited summer, to work so hard? And why choose to relinquish your vacation, to enable children to have a fulfilled summer accompanied with tender loving care?

We did not sign up for a “special” child. We did not have a choice. And had Hashem asked us what we would prefer, we would probably not have opted for it wither. If He was seeking for volunteers, we most likely would not have enlisted for this. Yet, Hashem, the Master Planner, in His infinite wisdom, decided that granting us a special needs child was just the greatest thing we necessitated. Close to ten years ago, He entrusted us with Shmiel, our special son. He was presented to us. And we kept him.

We love him. We care for him. He is ours. They call him “special”. But I call you my dear volunteers, special. You are the ones who are extraordinary, unique, rare, different and so wonderful. You are the ones with special souls. You are the ones who sign up for this. Why? Why would you choose to forfeit your well-deserved summer vacation for our child, our special needs child!? You have a world of opportunities open for you. To enjoy yourselves as your please. And what did you decide to do? To overextend your, for Shmiel and children like him. I am astounded. I am speechless.

I observe you counselors. How could I not? Full of life, full of love, full of kindness. You cater to each child. You are fully focused to give them the best time ever. My heart swells when I watch you. I was delighted to witness Shmiel happily depart to a warm, heimeshe atmosphere. You, his selfless counselors follow him around. You are there soley to make sure that he has a good time. You are brave to take to trips that I wouldn’t have the courage to. He gets to daven. Hear Yiddishe song. And he can eat whatever anyone else is eating He is one of the gang. He is part of something. He finally belongs.

Thank you, Hashem for creating special souls

We solute you all volunteers and staff of Camp HASC,

Mr. & Mrs. Ganzfried

(As paraphrased with permission from Spirit Magazine. )

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