What I Am: Latest Maccabeats Hit.. With Camp HASC!

The Maccabeats and the special children & staff of Camp HASC have teamed up and produced a new, awesome music video filmed on a “typical” fun-filled Sunday at Camp HASC this past summer. “What I Am’, originally recorded for Sesame Street, shares a fun and inspiring glimpse into the magic & love of Camp HASC.

Rav Judah Mischel, Camp HASC’s Executive Director explained: Covering “What I Am” was a natural choice for us; it’s a great song, and expresses some of the core values of Camp HASC, specifically celebrating our strengths and abilities. Every one should be proud of who we are, and this song is a celebration and affirmation that each individual is special in their own way”.

A number of the the Maccabeats are themselves Camp HASC alumni: Mordy Prus, Uri Westrich and Meir Shapiro each worked at Camp HASC for numerous summers.

As Meir Shapiro described: “Coming back to Camp HASC to film this video was such an incredible experience. I felt like I was back home, without missing a beat, and memories came flooding back to me as I saw my former campers between takes. The same campers I cared for are still there, and they’re the backbone that made HASC an incredible and fulfilling place to spend my summers…it’s wonderful to see that HASC still remains exactly the very “Heaven on Earth” that I grew to love from the moment I arrived.”

The new Maccabeats video features an incredible array of activities, programs and fun – recorded on one Sunday – and represents just a fraction of what goes on at Camp HASC throughout the Summer. Highlights from one Sunday in August include the annual color run, basketball game, and camper Adam Stieglitz’s Hanachas Tefillin, unlikely props, and surprise guest appearances. Like Camp HASC itself, “What I Am” is inspiring and fun, meaningful and moving.

“What I am is special…
There’s nothing I can’t achieve
Because in myself I believe!”

The Maccabeats @ Camp HASC - What I Am

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