Visiting Day at Camp HASC

By Judith Komarow

Chassidish, Modern Orthodox, yeshivish — Jewish families of all stripes — all come together on one campus. Must be some big Jewish unity event!

Well, sort of. It’s visiting day at Camp HASC.

You see, Camp HASC is a unique place of unrivaled joy where campers are given love, devotion, and superlative care with no thought as to their family affiliation. Looking around on Camp HASC visiting day, which took place Sunday, July 15, one could witness extraordinary encounters such as:

-A chassidish mother finds comfort in the counselor’s dedication and understanding of her daughter. Although they might look a little different externally, there is little doubt that there is a mutual bond which translates to their becoming instant “family.”

-Members of another family are greeted with hugs and kisses by a staff member. “My son’s counselor from 13 years ago,” explains the mother. The connections shared at Camp HASC between families and counselors are virtually unbreakable.

-A father unabashedly shares with anyone who will listen: “HASC is our ‘hope.’ Knowing we have a summer when our child is well-cared-for in a safe and loving environment helps us clear our minds and hearts in preparation for the upcoming year.”

The parents and families represented here share a similar journey. Each of these families has devoted endless time and energy for their child. Many of these parents are stretched beyond their resources, and then overextended again and yet again. They are relentless in their determination to ensure the best healthcare, the best therapies, and the best education to help their child grow and maximize their potential. Many of their life decisions will be made based on what will optimally serve their child with special needs.

The journey can be long and lonely. But there is a respite, a place to rest and gather strength.

And that place is HASC, providing energy for the road ahead in their never-ending journey.

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