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Camp HASC provides a truly unique summer experience to over 350 campers each summer! Our campers are the heart and soul of our summer programs and return year after year for the remarkable love, care and genuine friendship they receive and experience each summer.

Our campers receive personalized care and attention during a summer in Camp HASC and benefit from the expertise of experienced professionals, dedicated rabbanim and and sensitive, fun loving counselors.


Thank you for expressing interest in registering a loved one in Camp HASC. Registering for Camp HASC requires contacting our office for the relevant registration forms and materials, providing Camp HASC with updated information about the potential camper and arranging an interview with the camp professionals.

To begin the registration process, please contact the camp administrator, Mrs. Chaya Miller, at (718) 686-2607.

If you are a returning camper, click here to apply.

Camper and Family Updates and Information

By accessing the CampMinder Portal, you will find PDF versions of all letters and documents which have been mailed home to campers families.

The CampMinder Portal is intended for camper families only, and is password protected. To see an archive of the latest updates & information, please log in to your CampMinder Portal.

Parents Speak

At Camp HASC we are one big family. Over the years loving parents and thankful HASC family members have shared their feelings with us. In turn, we are honored to share some of their feelings and feedback here with you:


“A few Sundays ago was visiting day. My husband and I left the 2 younger kids with my in laws and headed to NY. We were so excited, literally jumping out of our skin. We could not wait to see him. We battled a delayed flight, a confused GPS and made it about an hour and a half late. As I walked into the camp scanning for my boy, I suddenly heard out of the corner of my ear “hi Mommy” and my heart melted. I have never had such an amazing hug in my entire life. We laughed, we cried and smiled ear to ear.

From the moment we got there he had a huge grin on his face. We met all of his friends, we were stopped by countless staff members saying to us “Are you YoYo’s mom and dad? I love him, he is amazing, he is my favorite”… It was a perfect day.”


“I am writing to express my unending Hakaras Hatov for the most amazing summer that Zalman had! He came home so full of joy and well adjusted that although he is non verbal, he is telling us through his body and soul language that he had an amazing summer!”


“In these eight short weeks of camp, Bassie has grown and progressed in a lot of areas of development more than she has in a couple of years worth of intense therapy… Bassie came home a different child!”

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