Dear Friend,

When 10 year-old David, who was born with serious developmental disabilities, returned home from the Camp HASC summer experience, his parents saw a new twinkle in his eye that they hadn’t seen before. In addition to a renewed spirit, he seemed more confident, more self-assured, more present. Not only had the seven weeks in camp helped him overcome a host of obstacles, the experience put a spring in his step and reawakened a sense of hope and pride that his parents eagerly looked forward to cultivating in the new year.

As Rosh Hashanah approaches, most of us prepare for the upcoming year with little thought to the summer that just passed. But for hundreds of children and teens with profound disabilities returning home from Camp HASC, the promise of a brighter tomorrow is built upon the solid foundation of a Camp HASC summer of success. You see, Camp HASC has that power … the power to provide our children with hope and inspiration for the year ahead. And that’s why we turn to our friends during the High Holiday season with this urgent appeal for support. Yes, the Camp HASC summer experience relies upon the generosity of our donors, but so too do our many other programs and respite weekends held throughout the year.

At its essence, support for Camp HASC is a sacred partnership … a commitment to care for the most fragile and
vulnerable members of our community by those of us in a position to lend a helping hand. Working together, we
empower our campers to achieve the unimaginable, to overcome challenge after challenge with a combination of fun, love, hard work, and determination.
These beautiful children surely face hardships in their daily lives, but the Camp HASC philosophy compels us to help our children face every obstacle as a challenge to be met head-on. Indeed, at our summer camp and in attendance at programs throughout the year, every Camp HASC child is included in every one of our activities, be it a wheelchair-bound child swimming for the first time, an autistic child elbow deep in cookie dough, or a kid with profound physical limitations jetting down the walkway on a bicycle that has been specially adapted for his needs.

Whether you’re a new friend or a long-time supporter, we urge you to help us help our
children by making a generous contribution in support of Camp HASC. 

This Rosh Hashanah, as you pray for health, well-being, and success, please also keep our beloved Camp HASC children in mind. May it be in the merit of your tzedakah and your prayers for our precious children, that the prayers of all of B’nai Yisrael are accepted for a sweet new year.

Ketivah v’Chatimah Tovah,

Jeremy Strauss


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